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Cesare Basile & Caminanti “Cummedia” – nuovo disco!

26 Febbraio @ 22:00 - 23:30

| €7

Ho scelto di non affidarmi a un’agenzia e fare da me. Mi piacerebbe ripartire da relazioni in cui la musica non viene comprata nè venduta ma proposta e suggerita, come quando si organizza un incontro fra persone che non si conoscono ma che si suppone abbiano cose da dirsi, relazioni dirette in cui nessuno si preoccupa di quanti saremo ma di cosa resterà dopo i saluti.
Organizzare concerti perché i musicisti, il pubblico, i gestori degli spazi hanno ancora voglia di mettere in circolo delle possibilità e delle sorprese.
Contattatemi e parliamone

Cesare Basile (Catania, Sicily, 7.2.64) is definitely one of the most distinguished and innovative Italian artists of the past decades.
Throughout the thirty years of his career ha has successfully created a unique and original language of “Blues”, eventually settling on the use of a dark and archaic Sicilian dialect which he uses to represent the affliction of human people and the scream of pain of a population robbed of its dignity and self-determination.
Basile’s preferred subjects deal with stories of love and of anarchy, aiming to describe the defeated and the miserable, drawing the right inspiration from certain types of African music and creating a common theme uniting the Sicilian language, the pain of the defeated and the oppressed, and Africa, considered universally as the cradle of human civilisation.
Sicily thus becomes like the Mississippi Delta, and Basile becomes a modern Skip James or Robert Johnson.
All this is substantiated by his irrevocable rock attitude which fully embraces Sicilian popular music, folk, blues, and – in his own personal way – punk.
Alan Lomax would have gone to any length to meet him.
His musical commitment has no separation with his civil and political commitment, always present in his lyrics, but also in his public demonstrations, supporting decisive activities such as the occupation of Teatro Coppola in Catania, in 2011, which remains an essential aggregation point for the city’s cultural fabric.

Over the years, Cesare Basile has published a total of 11 albums, which have become a guarantee of his reliability and prestige, going so far as to already win the Targa Tenco twice, being the most illustrious and desirable Italian recognition for new songwriting.

Cesare Basile’s long career is punctuated with a number of collaborations with international artists, starting from John Parish, who produced his 3 albums in Italian, but also Robert Fisher of The Willard Grant Conspiracy, Hugo Race ( Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, True Spirit), John Bonnar (Dead Can Dance), and Stef Kamil Carlens (dEUS and Zita Swan), who have all been involved with Basile several times, both in the production stage of his albums and in special projects such as Songs With Other Strangers, a live ensemble born from the desires of a group of musician and songwriter friends. Besides Basile and Parish, SWOS also includes Manuel Agnelli of the Italian band Afterhours, Hugo Race (ex Bad Seeds, now True Spirits / Sepiatone), Marta Collica (Sepiatone), Stef Kamil Carlens (ex Deus, now leader of Zita Swoon), Jean-Marc Butty (P.J. Harvey- Venus), and Giorgia Poli (Scisma).

Cesare Basile’s latest album, “U Fujutu su nesci chi fa”, was published in February 2017 and was also nominated to that year’s Targa Tenco prize. The album is a Mediterranean mantra, narrated in Sicilian language, made of blues, rock, and African music, with hypnotic songs often based on a single chord, with polyphonic vocals and female countermelodies, and with obsessive polyrhythmic percussions.


26 Febbraio
22:00 - 23:30
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