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DUCKTAILS (Usa, hypnagogic pop) // Melody Maker(s)

7 Dicembre @ 22:30 - 8 Dicembre @ 3:00

| €7

Ducktails is the recording name of New Jersey–based musician Matthew Mondanile, who took it on in 2008 as a student at Hampshire College, releasing a steady stream of acclaimed records on far-flung independent labels. The project trafficks in the spaced-out pop songs one might pick up in out-of-the-way thrift stores or deep in bins of 1970s private-press records—it’s a casually sophisticated, genre-eluding pop ambiance. Mondanile shifts among numerous modes when performing, appearing alone with arrays of instruments or with a full-fledged band and guest singers. Domino released “The Flower Lane” in 2014 and “St. Catherine” in 2015. Mondanile tours abroad extensively, and has performed at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the MoMA. He will be touring in support of his new album “WATERCOLORS” on guitar & electronics for this upcoming performance.

Recorded between Ridgewood, New Jersey, Athens, Greece and Antwerp, Belgium, “Watercolors” is Matthew Mondanile’s 7th album as Ducktails. A collection of 10 songs recorded over the course of a year, Watercolors is a diverse collection of exotica, bossanova and smooth jazz influenced pop. Inspired by his move to Europe, the beginning of a new life new love and the loss of the past: “a lot of has happened since releasing Jersey Devil. I have been living in between Antwerp, Belgium and Athens, Greece. Most of the record was written in Antwerp in a little room in my girlfriends apartment. I purchased a Solton keyboard from this second hand store Cash Converters. The keyboard I assume was to be used by street musicians. You can play chords and the keyboard accompanies your playing with bass, drums, guitar and brass etc. I really enjoyed writing songs on the Solton. It plays a big part in the creation of the album. After writing a group of songs I would fly to Athens and work in a studio with Sergios Voudris who would write vocal harmonies and engineer. Kostas Stergiou plays drums on seven of the tracks. During the creation of the record I found a YouTube video of Yani Martinelli a musician from Madrid covering my song Headbanging in the Mirror. I loved her voice and emailed her to sing vocals on the new songs. She sings on five of the songs. It took me about a year and a half to finish Watercolors and as I sit here right now I’ve just finished mixing it in my Mother’s basement in Ridgewood, NJ where I’ve made most of the music in my life. She is downsizing and moving to a new house in New Jersey. I am surrounded by old cassettes I’ve picked up via touring and a ton of wires and broken guitar pedals. It suits me well to be around all of this junk in a wood paneled basement. Well I hope you enjoy the songs and I can play some shows for you all soon”.


7 Dicembre @ 22:30
8 Dicembre @ 3:00
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