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IIVII (aka Josh S. Graham) multi-instrumentalist, visual artist

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(solo project of Josh S. Graham, of Red Sparowes and A Storm of Lightfame)

IIVII (aka Josh Graham, visual artist, multi-instrumentalist, electro-acoustic composer) focuses
on enigmatic cinematic atmospheres, exploring elements of electronica, classical, ambient,
drone and vaporwave.
Josh Graham’s artistic output spans not only multiple musical projects but also multiple
mediums. Prolifically applying his unique creative hand to album artworks, music videos,
merchandise and concert visuals, his vision has yielded awe-inspiring creations over the
Graham’s work — up to and including musical set pieces with any number of his earth moving
bands, from a past with Red Sparowes to a present with A Storm of Light — addresses with no
uncertain focus the inescapable slide of time in passages significant and singular where the
fleeting nature of the illusion of permanence and its ruin are nothing if not inevitable. In
print/altered photographic mnemonics, visual installation, and sculpture, Graham pursues an
obsession with light, dark, shadow space and natural forms.
Leaving behind the science fiction themes from his first two full length albums, his latest album
“Obsidian” ( Consouling Sounds , 2019) explored and reworked Josh’s original score for the
behind-the-scenes documentary, Mother! The Downward Spiral, which details the making of
Darren Aronofsky’s film, Mother!.
A new double album is coming out next March on Consouling Sounds.​
“Obsidian is a black glass formed from the intense heat of a volcanic eruption. It is timeless,
dark and beautiful, and this release shares those qualities.” – ECHOES AND DUST
“This is music meant for listening in the dark with lush orchestration… …Beautiful, eerie,
uncomfortable, and moving – all encompassing. ” – SCENE POINT BLANK
“…One of the most adventurous albums in the so-called ambient scene…IIVII, a name that will
have a huge impact on the future of atmospheric music.” – MERCHANTS OF AIR


1 Aprile
22:00 - 23:30
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